Welcome to Badass Battalion! We aim to be a top multi console Call of Duty Ghost and Titanfall clan on Xbox One and the Playstation. We are also looking for room to expand to other games and console. If you think you have what it takes to help expand to your desired game or console contact one of our Founding Fathers and we will see about possibly expanding.

Our goal? Unlike some clans, our goal is not to have the most members, our goal is to have a close group of friends.... No, family, who enjoy gaming with each other and can have a bunch of fun. We want to build a gaming community everyone can enjoy. We also have plans to work towards building a professional team to compete at the next level!

We have a bunch of clan events, tournaments, and more! So if you wish to join you can start by registering an account and clicking on "Join Badass Battalion" on the tab menu! We look forward to gaming with you soon!

ronnyhenri   -   RT Hammer